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Our top Android applications for the month of June 2017 are available. Here are all the applications that should not be missed, those to download urgently if not already done.Thanks to Isabella of AndroideHow who always post quality stuff for android lovers. Her article on Android rooting smartphone is Android rooting smartphonevery famous and I always recommend my reader to visit her website and read it.

I make a selection of the best apps of the month. The month of June was particularly rich in novelties. Developers were particularly active this month. Here is the top of the best apps this June


Getting to master his data on Android can be somewhat complicated. The basic tool integrated into the operating system is relatively sufficient, especially to automatically block the phone, but does not necessarily allow a thorough control of the applications and data used. GlassWire will allow you total control, giving you accurate data on your consumption and graphics to better understand it. The absolute control tool on Android!

Microsoft To-Do












Our smartphones have become our everyday devices, so they quickly replaced our other habits like carrying a small notebook with us to not forget our race list or important information. Naturally, applications such as “to-do lists” have become popular on the platform. During the month of June, Microsoft launched its own application. Very simplistic and clean in its approach, it will allow lovers of OneDrive and Windows 10 to bring everything together in the same place. For others: if you are looking for a simple to-do note application and lists, it could quite please you!








In an increasingly connected world, it is difficultnot to recognize how stressful and anxious the various lights and notifications surrounding us can be. Wellness does not wait but can be particularly well attended once you have with you the tools for. And that’s exactly what Pacifica is proposing. The application allows you to take note of your mood and your thoughts from day to day, in order to follow the progress of your psyche. But it also allows you to listen to audio lessons from psychologists to better understand the source of your problems, or even organize meditation and relaxation sessions accompanied by relaxing and soothing music. This stimulates daily well-being.


The time for guides for our video games is now over. Difficult indeed for the younger ones to think about buying a paper book to help them in their game, even more so while some review their quests completely and mechanics to the slightest update. Fortunately for us, the smartphone took their place! If you are, like many, immersed in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your Switch or Wii U, you will be more than happy to discover this application that lists all the recipes you can concoct in the game to regain your Hearts and your stamina!



Everyone knows the application Runtastic, which allows you to define and follow your shopping. Society has accustomed us to talking about the sport to lose weight and improve our physical health, but we often forget the equally important second element: our diet. With this in mind, Runtastic has released a new application: Runtasty. For this clever name change, the application offers you many balanced recipes allowing you to combine your sporting effort with a good diet. And why not discover new flavors at the same time!

Podcast Go

Podcasts are an integral part of the mobile experience. If the name “podcast” has been democratized by Apple, the principle itself of the audio and now downloadable video broadcasts on its device to be carried away everywhere, like a kind of off-line radio, is far from new. Hundreds of thousands of podcasts await you on the web, and many applications promise to find and manage them. Podcast Go launched in Jun 2016, and promises a very simple interface to understand and use, and especially very colorful. If Pocket Cast is mostly recognized as the best paid application, Podcast Go has its chance of becoming the best free alternative.


Aion Calculator

The smartphones have so much brute power that they have sometimes replaced our brains, to the point that we will turn much more towards Google to answer a question than our own memory. But that does not mean that one does not necessarily need the most basic applications … like a calculator, for example. The basic calculator based on Android works fine of course, but does not allow huge amount of customization. With Aion Calculator, you can completely change the interface of your calculator to suit it, from the font to the colors available. What to own more and more his phone.


Movie Pal

A movie night at home with friends? Nothing could be simpler to invite them and make sure that they are present … but the choice of the film is always rather complicated. Tastes and colors are not invented, while some films will already be seen by some and not by others. To do this, Movie Pal to the solution: the application allows you to create a selection of movies that you have already seen, and share it with friends. The application will allow you as well to manage your collection of movies seen as to receive advice of viewing for the continuation. Because this is shared with your friends, you can quickly see what types of movies or directors you can hear, to easily choose the movie of your evening!


Efficient photo processor

Our smartphones have become our best companions in capturing the world around us, or just our friends. We cannot reinvent the social networks dedicated to this: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and others already offer a lot of retouching for our photos. But these retouches, used by millions, soon make the photos similar. This is why it may be interesting to look for alternatives, such as Efficient Photo Processor. The application will allow you to apply filters to your photos, create many collages but also add small items to your photos like ears of rabbit or bow tie. What give a little more originality to your posts!


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